More than a supplier, a strategic partner

Boasting 30 years of experience in detergency and effluent treatment, R&O Lab has two research and development centres located in Tournai and in Gembloux.

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Support from A to Z

R&O Lab offers a range of services from benchmarking to assistance and regulatory monitoring, through the formulation and improvement of existing processes or packaging. R&O Lab assists you in your projects from start to finish.

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Our achievements

Innovation is at the core of what we do. Our achievements apply the latest technologies to reduce our ecological footprint while also improving performance.

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Your vital partner in R&D
in the area of detergents and biological effluent treatment

R&O Lab is a Belgian company with a presence in various lines of business, such as detergents, all kinds of effluent treatments but also technical solutions for pipe maintenance.
It researches and develops innovative formulas, which involves the use of specific enzymes, microorganisms or more conventional equipment.

Boasting 30 years of experience, R&O Lab has two research and development centres located in Tournai and in Gembloux.

The work of R&O Lab has notably been acknowledged by the “Innovation Prize” in the field of biotechnology, as well as by the filing of numerous patents.
Moreover, many formulas developed by R&O Lab are used all over the world. We could also mention Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Russia and China, to name but a few.

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Témoignages clients [EN]

Rien de plus gratifiant qu'un client satisfait d'utiliser nos produits et concepts. [EN]

JF Eloin & A. Pirson - LaverVert

Manager LaverVert - Namur (Belgium)

"When we were looking to manufacture our own household products using natural and local ingredients, it was essential to find a laboratory specialising in R&D. Our close collaboration with R&O Lab enabled us to validate and optimise all of our formulations. The added value of our collaboration was undeniably their expertise, experience and especially their support throughout the process. We have plenty of ideas to further our collaboration with them.”

Home Care Products Group Manager - Henkel

Laundry & Home Care - Henkel France

"Henkel France wanted to develop a household cleaner using raw ingredients, particularly black soap. Since Henkel’s stability regulations were very strict, we had to work with a laboratory experienced in R&D such as R&O Lab. It was a real team effort throughout every phase of development (formulation, packaging, performance testing, etc.). However, thanks to their professionalism, availability and hyper-responsiveness, our black soap household product passed Henkel’s tests.”