Years of research and development for the industrial detergents industry

Our achievements

Innovation is at the core of what we do. Our achievements apply the latest technologies to reduce our ecological footprint while also improving performance.


Innovative packaging

For many years R&O Lab has been working on the feasibility of various concentrated formulas in order to package them in small, ecological and economical capsules: The FILLIT capsules. Theis the fulfilment of an excellent scheme to produce innovative refill capsules, from conception to industrialisation.


Bio-enzymatic solutions

R&O Lab’s biotechnological solutions have been tested and validated to solve numerous highly problematic cases around the world.


Detergent solutions

R&O Lab develops innovative bio-sourced and biodegradable solutions for the detergent sector. This helps us to obtain certifications based on different eco-labels.


Concentrated probiotic formulas

R&O Lab develops formulas (concentrated with probiotics) that give incredible results in professional cleaning and maintenance.