Innovative packaging


For many years R&O Lab has been working on the feasibility of various concentrated formulas in order to package them in small, ecological and economical capsules: The FILLIT capsules. Theis the fulfilment of an excellent scheme to produce innovative refill capsules, from conception to industrialisation. 

The capsules are single-use, flexible, made of recyclable material and contain an ultra-concentrated product.  Thanks to the FILLIT capsules, no unnecessary water is transported, and only the active concentrate becomes the final product.  Everybody wins, including the environment!

Patent title:  Mixing container adaptable to any recipient container. 

How to recharge?

  • brand_patent_info/fill_4LATAO9.png

    Fill in

  • brand_patent_info/screw_XX5Bqx1.png

    Screw in

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  • No more unnecessary transports

    1 truckload of caps is equivalent to 18 truckloads of vials !

  • No more overdosing

    This single-dose refill can be screwed onto the bottle for an adapted dilution, which means no more overdosing !

  • Less waste

    In addition to being small and concentrated, the packaging is recyclable.