Our services in the detergents and effluent treatment

R&O Lab assists you in your projects from start to finish.

R&O Lab offers a range of services from benchmarking to assistance and regulatory monitoring, through the formulation and improvement of existing processes or packaging.
R&O Lab assists you in your projects from start to finish.



This involves measuring the performance of an existing product on the market that will lead to a formula or improvements in an existing formula.



R&O Lab specialises in the creation “from scratch” of detergent formulas based on customer requests. Its area of competence covers both professional applications and consumer solutions. Its expertise lies in the integration of biotechnological materials, natural elements or more traditional ingredients into formulas.


Improvement of existing formulas

R&O Lab can also work from an existing formula to increase its performance, adapt it to new regulatory requirements or new markets.


Performing performance tests

R&O Lab has a comprehensive and diverse catalogue of performance tests adapted to the world of detergents. This catalogue is constantly developing in order to meet particularly specific and atypical demands.


Development of innovative packaging

R&O Lab has also acquired experience in the development of specific and innovative packaging, particularly through its work on refill capsules.


Process improvement

R&O Lab’s multidisciplinary team is able to give you advice and experience on different processes for the manufacturing of cleaning products.


Up-scaling and pilot productions

An industrial phase is often followed by formulation work, and R&O Lab can point you to trusted partners for scale-up and pilot productions while also ensuring they are monitored.


Carrying out routine analyses

R&O Lab’s test catalogue also includes a panel of routine analyses to monitor your productions, including for bio-enzymatic formulas.


Supporting you in creating registration files

Since R&O Lab holds various marketing authorisations, we can help you secure yours.


Assistance and regulatory monitoring

R&O Lab keeps abreast of regulatory changes by attending numerous conferences and committees in the field (Detic, AISE, etc.).